Betrayal in Brooklyn

Brooklyn Dodgers - Gil Hodges, Johny Podres and Carl Furillo in 1955
We loved ’em and they left us

The history of Brooklyn repeated itself. In 1957, ten years after integrating baseball with Jackie Robinson, the owner of the Dodgers abandoned Brooklyn for L.A. It was a devastating blow to the fans and it took Brooklyn decades to recover. The final straw for the owner was watching a Puerto Rican piss into a Coke bottle and throw it at a player on the field. He suddenly understood why the Whites who had fled Brooklyn for the suburbs no longer wanted to sit in the stands at his ballpark. The cover story for the Dodger’s move to L.A. was a dispute with New York about the location of a new stadium. The real reason was White flight. 

Proposed domed stadium for the Brooklyn Dodgers.
There was talk of a domed stadium in downtown Brooklyn years before the Houston Astrodome.
Brooklyn’s vibrant, “new demographic” pissed all over the idea of a domed stadium.
Newspaper front page abut Brooklyn Dodgers move to Los Angeles
It took Brooklyn decades to regain its confidence and swagger.

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Image: the smiling face of Steeplechase Park in Coney Island, Brooklyn
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