I Sing a Song of Covid

Admit it. You thought I was kidding when I said the Covid mania wasn’t over. You thought I was exaggerating about the insanity of masks. Welp…

Professional performers are now being asked (and in some cases required) to wear these singer’s muzzles while auditioning.

Keep in mind that performers in New York City (where 99% of professional auditions are held) have to travel through the filthy streets and ride the filthy subway to get to the audition room. No chance of picking up any Covid on that slog, I guess.

And they are being asked to not use the rest rooms on arrival unless absolutely necessary. So… no last minute freshening up and washing of hands before entering the audition room.

Yeah… you betcha these muzzles will keep those nasty Covid germs out of that room.

The science says so.

But, wait, we also have muzzles especially designed for widdle kid thespians. We want them to learn early that obedience to the state and self-abasement are the way to stardom.

Maybe this kid is auditioning to play Donald Duck.

Remember these muzzled morons will be spraying their spittle all over you the next time you go see some over-priced, over-praised Broadway musical. But, never fear, there are plans being proposed for all performers and audience members to be masked throughout all live theater performances.

Anyone else spot the incoherent, irrational bullshit being peddled here?

Answers on a postcard.


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