Covid Rerun #11


That sound you hear isn’t Alka Seltzer tablets hitting water with the promise of relief to come.

No, it is the sound of athletes, celebrities, politicians, newscasters and assorted other imbeciles who took the Covid jabs dropping dead. And they are doing so at a rate of knots with no end in sight.

Not a day goes by without a front page story about someone collapsing on a sports field or TV screen without warning and from no apparent cause. And most of these corpses were in the prime of life!

Meanwhile, the experts assure us that these deaths had nothing to do with the fact that the dearly departed had been vaxxed to the gills!

As I’ve said, the most important histories of this sorry episode in human history will be those that delve into the emotional, psychological and sociological aspects of it.

Hey, it ain’t called Covid Mania for nuthin’.

The vaxxed ain’t called Covidiots for nuthin’ either!

Here’s a post I did that took a swing at analyzing the part that group dynamics played in the spread of this pseudo-plague-hoax-scam-racket. It makes more sense now than ever!

I called it –

Covid Answer #1


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Covid – The Grift that Keeps on Grifting

In light of President Depends recent announcement that the Covid emergency will be extended for yet another three months until April 10th, I have decided to repost my Greatest Covid Hits.

I reread my takes on the subject going back to April of 2020 and was saddened and delighted to see how “on the money” and prophetic I was. I hate to brag but… I nailed the hoax from jump street.

For those of you who bought into the scamdemic, it’s not too late to admit your mistake. We all make them. (God knows I’ve made some doozies!) Don’t worry. All is forgiven. Take a deep breath and start opposing the tyranny here and now!

Now, fasten your seat belts, it’s gonna be a bumpy ride. I take you back to those early days of the plague in April of 2020. (You read that right. This bullshit has been going on for three years!)

Remember, “Two weeks to flatten the curve?”

Remember, “Hundreds of thousands dead on the streets of Britain per month?”

Remember, “Once we have the vaccine, one shot will solve the crisis?”

Here’s –



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Bottled-Water Pimp

Bottle of Evian water
America’s magical elixir of choice in the 1980s

In the 1980s, Evian was the #1 bottled water in New York. #2 wasn’t even close. But, #2’s new Sales Manager was determined to kick Evian’s ass – maybe since Evian had just fired his ass. I was hired as one of his ass-kickers. My job was to visit delis and bodegas all over Manhattan and persuade the owners to give #2 more shelf-space. (In the retail food racket, shelf-space is the name of the game!) 

In every store I visited, the enormity of my task became apparent. Evian bottles were prominently displayed at eye-level on the shelves while my brand wasn’t. 

Oh, wait, here they are, way down here at back-breaking, floor level.

My brand’s bottles were buried down in the cockroach graveyard. 

Dad cockroaches

There is no more stomach-turning sight in a food store than flies and roaches pushing up daisies.  A Londoner asked me why I always washed the top of soda cans before opening them. “Ah, the survival behavior of a native New Yorker,” I explained. “You see, cockroaches lay their eggs on can tops – don’t ask me why – and their eggs roll into that small depression around the can top. If I swallow a roach egg, it will grow inside me like the Alien. I have never seen a cockroach in my many years in London but I still wash my can tops.”

Runners and empty plastic water bottles

Evian was a big moneymaker for the storeowners and #2 was a big waste of time. How welcome do you think I was on a scorching summer day? How much time do you think they wanted to devote to my tedious survey questions when they had a long line of impatient joggers waiting to pay for their Evian? 

Boy Outa Brooklyn a murder memoir by Jack Antonio
Image: the smiling face of Steeplechase Park in Coney Island, Brooklyn
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