Covid Rerun #10

You know how it is. You’re in the supermarket or the park or your car and you spot some stupid fuckin’ jackass wearing a mask.

You want to beat them to a bloody pulp.

But, alas, you don’t.

You sigh. You give thanks. You move on.

You despair.

And with the imbecile in the White House totally controlled by a certain group of rootless cosmopolitans who stand to profit from Covid mania, I fear we will be seeing these masked morons in our midst for the rest of our lives.

This post was a meditation on the ridiculous Covid mask mandates. And with some parents demanding the re-institution of masks in schools and the New York Times calling for masks in perpetuity for all, it has never been more timely.

I called it –

Masks Unmasked


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Covid Rerun #4

Some things hurt so good. And that’s true of this repost of what I encountered on my forced marches through the parks of London during the first two years of the Covid plan-demic. I had forgotten just how pitifully cowed my fellow prisoners were.

So while I was pleased to read how well I had evoked that dreadful time, it made my blood boil to recall the unquestioning obedience to the state of the sheeple of London. I want you to share my pain. So…

Here’s a link to the post I called –

Fear Stalks The Woods


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